Alliance Members

Alliance Leadership

Christopher Frech
Senior Vice President,
Global Government Affairs, Emergent BioSolutions
Alliance Co-Chair

"The Alliance for Biosecurity is a strong, focused, respected, and influential organization.  By leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise, the Alliance is committed to building and strengthening the partnerships between government and the biopharmaceutical industry and to help identify and provide solutions to the threats facing our nation.  The Alliance will continue to seek opportunities to influence policy while understanding the political realities."

Brent MacGregor
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations,
Alliance Co-Chair

"Public-private partnerships for the development and availability of MCMs are a core element of global health security. The Alliance for Biosecurity is vital to ensuring that these partnerships are sustained and remain strong to support this essential mission. 

MCMs provided by the companies of the Alliance contribute significantly to preparedness and response capabilities against a variety of naturally occurring threats such as pandemic influenza and intentional chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.  For more than a decade, Alliance member companies have successfully advocated for public policies and funding to strengthen the public-private partnership that ensures the availability of needed medical countermeasures to respond to serious threats such as Ebola, Anthrax, Smallpox and Pandemic Influenza.  Speaking together as a single industry voice increases the opportunity for our message to be heard, understood and acted upon."