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Articles & Presentations

Alliance Article on Animal Model Efficacy Rule (Nature Biotechnology, Oct. 2007)

Alliance for Biosecurity article proposing recommendations for the implementation of the U.S. FDA Animal Efficacy Rule to facilitate development of medical countermeasures for Bioterrorism.  To view the article, click here.

 8th Annual Biodefense Vaccines & Therapeutics Conference (14-17 June 2010, WDC)

The Alliance, in partnership with the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, took part in the inaugural Animal Model Forum on Tuesday, 15 June 2010.  Several members of the Alliance presented at this forum. To view the Alliance presentations, click here.

Alliance Poster Sessions at HHS PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop & BARDA Industry Day
(2-4 December 2009, WDC)

"’State of Industry’ Regarding Animal Model Development and Using the Animal Rule”, Doris Snow, Ph.D., DVC, Vaccines Subgroup of Alliance for Biosecurity.

“Creation of a Shared Database for Animal Model Information’’, Valerie Riddle, Gigi Kwik Grönvall, Sally Bolmer, Leslie Casey, Anil Diwan, Boris Ionin, Shantha Kodihalli, Ross LeClaire, Elizabeth Leffel, Nina Malkevich, Gabriel Meister, Jenny Mellquist, Jason Mott, Dana Pohlman, Anita Cicero, Lee M. Nagao.

Alliance Sponsors Presentation at BIO International Convention (15 June 2015, Philadelphia, PA)

Alliance Sponsors Biodefense Panel at Bio International Convention (26 June 2014, San Diego, CA)

The Alliance for Biosecurity organized the biodefense panel New Technologies to Save Us In a Disaster: Opportunities in the Public-Private Partnership Countermeasures during the 2014 BIO International Convention at the San Diego Convention Center.  The panel session explored recent trends and new developments in the advanced development of medical countermeasures (MCMs).  Session Speakers included Paul Chaplin, CEO, Bavarian Nordic, Robin Robinson, Director of BARDA, Douglas Bryce, Deputy Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical and Biological Defense, DoD, David Hering, VP US Marketing and Head of the Medical Counter Measure Franchise, Novartis Vaccines, David Hone, Chief, Vaccine Branch at Research and Development Directorate (J9), DTRA, and Craig Thompson, COO, Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals.  To view the announcement, click here.  To view the panel presentations, click here.

The Alliance for Biosecurity sponsored a session titled Learning from the Ebola Outbreak: Sustaining and Strengthening the Public-Private Partnership and Ensuring Preparedness, on Monday, 15 June 2015, at the 2015 BIO International Convention.  The Session included government funders of product development and procurement and companies engaged in developing medical countermeasures. Panelists reviewed lessons learned from the Ebola outbreak and provided perspectives on how governments and companies can move forward together to ensure that a broad range of medical countermeasures are available to protect and treat the global community.  To view the event flyer, click here.

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